Easy to use – reliable and totally secure

Cortexflo is designed to meet the unique photographic and video requirements to conduct
forensic medical examinations of children and adults who have suffered sexual and physical abuse.

By incorporating innovative technologies, minimal photographic expertise is required to take
in-focus, high quality photographs and videos. In addition, the system has been engineered
to be used hands-free in situations which require the examiner to use both hands
to display an injury.

Key Features


Cortexflo uses a high quality digital SLR camera fitted with an LED light ring. The camera is mounted on a counterbalanced, height-adjustable arm that requires minimal effort for precise positioning.


As soon as a photograph is taken, it is displayed on the touchscreen monitor so the examiner can see that it is in focus. They can then move on with the examination with the immediate confirmation that they have secured a high quality image.


The examination can be recorded in high definition 1080p video using the digital SLR camera. After the examination the video clip can be played back and paused so an unlimited number of still frames can easily be extracted.


To help prepare photographs for the peer review process a set of on-screen annotation tools can be used to identify a possible injury, add comments or obscure an area.

Peer Review

To share photographs and videos with a colleague for peer review, Cortexflo securely encrypts the content with a unique password created by the examiner. The content can then be transmitted and the password communicated via a text or phone call to the recipient.


The system is connected to a local network to transfer the photographs and videos to a dedicated storage module sited in a secure, locked area of the building.


By simply tapping the touchscreen viewfinder at a particular point, the photograph will be taken, and it will be in focus.


Foot Pedal

The foot pedal gives the examiner free use of both hands during the examination to hold the patient, and it will either start and stop video recording or take a photograph.

Voice Control

Virtually all the controls via the touch screen and foot pedal can also be made by customizable voice commands which are child friendly. This feature means that an examiner can conduct an examination with both hands on the patient at all times and the camera is controlled by talking to a microphone.

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