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The best technology for forensic medical examinations

Simple, Reliable, and Totally Secure

Cortexflo - Product versions

A Challenging Situation Solved

Simple, Reliable, and Totally Secure

Cortexflo is designed to meet the unique photographic, data storage, and security requirements necessary for forensic medical examinations.

By developing innovative technologies and processes, photographic skills are not required to take evidence grade photographs and videos. In addition, the system has a hands-free capability, allowing the use of both hands during an examination.

Cortexflo is used in Child Advocacy Centers, Hospital Emergency Departments, Rape Crisis Centers, and Military Hospitals.

Cortexflo can be installed as a standalone system with its own independent secure storage or it can be integrated into on-site or statewide networks.

World-wide Use


Used Across

U.S. States


Examinations Completed

World-wide Use


Used Across

U.S. States


Examinations Completed



Cortexflo uses a mains powered high-quality SLR camera and LED light ring to take high definition photographs. The camera is mounted on a counterbalanced, height adjustable swing arm which is easy to precisely position.


Examinations can be recorded in HD 1080P. Video can be played back, moved frame by frame, cropped and an unlimited number of still images can be extracted.

Voice Control

Cortexflo introduced the voice control function, which is a significant innovation, allowing an examiner to use both their hands during an examination. All the touch screen controls can be operated via voice commands.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal allows the examiner to freely use both hands during an examination. It will either start/stop video recording or take a photograph. The Cortexflo software can be configured to allow the examiner to continuously take pictures via the foot pedal operation and then review the images as a group at the end of the examination.

Cortexflo Specs - Camera shown
Cortexflo Specs - Full product shown

Unique features

Contrast Filter

Cortexflo has developed a unique set of image contrast filters that assist in the detection of bruising and strangulation trauma.

Alternative Light Source – ALS

Cortexflo ALS can detect traces of semen, saliva, sweat and urine on a range of surfaces via a proprietary combination of innovative hardware and software in a simplified guided process. This enables Cortexflo to acquire all categories of evidence necessary to complete a full forensic medical examination.

All of the tools you need, in one place


Add shapes, lines, orientation diagrams, and written notes to photographs to assist in the identification of possible injuries or areas of concern.

Case Sharing

Cortexflo guides the user through a series of steps to select, encrypt, and password-protect a case. The case can then be shared with pre-entered contacts who are automatically notified by email they have a case to review.


For long-term data storage, encrypted cases can be stored locally on the Cortexflo system, externally to a dedicated storage module, or integrated into the facility’s existing server infrastructure.

Cortexflo portable

same functionality
mobile flexibility

Cortexflo Portable operates in exactly the same way as the original model but is completely battery-powered. The system is easy to transport and can be set up quickly in any location.

Cortexflo - Portable unit

Facility Specific

customize to your surroundings

For pediatric locations there are a number of designs that help to create a less intimidating environment during an examination.

Additional designs available.

Customer Support

Customer Care

We are here to support you 24/7


24/7/365 technical support available to all customers. In this sensitive environment, it is crucial that issues are resolved quickly.


Annual service contracts provide protection for hardware malfunctions and breakages. Annual service and maintenance visits ensure systems are maintained, efficient, and up to date.


Individual and group training on install. Covering key functions and implementation. Advanced training options available.

Case Studies

Cortexflo in Action

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