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Software Specifications

Photo Encryption

All photos are encrypted using AES-256

MD5 & SHA1 Hashing

Hash values for all photos and video files are generated and stored. Hash values can be used to verify the integrity of digital evidence.

EHR Integration

Can integrate with electronic health record systems to directly store photos into a patient chart

Custom Patient Information

Choose what information is used to identify patients, for example: Case Number, MRN, Name, Initials, DOB, etc.

Recycle Bin

Deleted photos can be recovered

Photo Export

Photos can be exported to USB, DVD or network storage. Either encrypted with a password or unencrypted

Photo Storage

Photos can be stored on secure share drives or other network storage locations.

Role Based Access

Access to software features can be controlled by granting / revoking roles to individual users

Active Directory Integration

Users can be authenticated using active director instead of passwords

Delete Photos

Photos which are not required can safely be deleted from cases.

Case Transfer

Securely transfer cases between Cortexflo systems


Cortexflo systems in multiple locations can be synchronized to a central database for easy access to cases and for updating users